P    O    L    I    N    A

ID KH-322

Age  -  41

Zodiac  -  Gemini

Birthday  -  June  20, 1979

Height  -  162 cm (5 ft 4 in)

Weight  -  53 kg (117 lbs)

Hair  -  Brown

Eyes  -  Blue

Marital Status  -  Single

Home  -  Kharkiv, Ukraine

Body Type  -  Slim

Seeks Partner  -  40 - 70

Children - Daughter (May 10,2008 DOB)

Occupation  -  Sport Instuctor

Language  -  English Level 3 (Has knowledge of basic English)

Religion  -  Christian Orthodox

Smoker  -  No


Very strong by spirit and working out hard not only because of job but because of inner discipline I have since my childhood. I adore evenings I spend with my daughter and mum. We have a woman’s kingdom at my place. We cook, laugh, share the way our day passes and never get bored with each other. A moment you share with your child is priceless. I have many friends and can look calm and timid from the first moment but inside I am a boiling pot of passion, grace and extreme. I plan to travel with my future partner but it doesn’t mean my home will be not in order. I enjoy creating the masterpiece of my home, where a man will be always feel welcomed. I enjoy picnics and meditating next to the waterfalls and rivers.


Hiking, skiing, dancing (I am a professional pole-dancer), skating, cooking with my daughter, laughing and making people laugh, trying new things and hobbies that open up new talents in me. For example I am now opened a talent in cooking delicious desserts of chocolate and berries. When you open new tastes and experiment it is like being investigator or an artist.

In Search of

Strong, open, sincere man with harmony in his life and mind, sensual and adventurous, able to dream and reach his aims. He should have taste in music, art, willing to travel and see the world together, not a coach potato. Active and into sport.

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