N   A   T   A   L   I   A


ID   KH - 314

Name - Natalia

Age -  31

Zodiac  -  Aries

Birthday  - April 18,1988

Height  174 cm (5ft 7in)

Weight  - 50 kg (110 lb)

Hair  -  fair

Eyes  - Green-gray

Marital Status  -Single

Home  - Kharkiv region, Ukraine

Body Type  -  Slim

Seeks Partner - 38  -  58

Children  -  Son

Occupation  -  economist

Language - English Level 3 (Has knowledge  of basic English)

Religion  - Christian


I am easy-going and positive. I love life in all aspects. My favorite  season is blooming spring but I enjoy warmth of the sun on my face in summer, creak of snow under my feet in the winter and  golden leaves in fall. I may find good things in everything. I believe  that life we have depends on our attitude to life and to people around. Also I believe in love with happy end.  I know for sure  that I will find unconditional love.


Mostly I am in a good mood. I spend a lot of time of taking care of myself. I think every woman should be well groomed. I adore kids and animals and I am good with them.  What gives me real joy is to be on the mature and hourses.

I search for

An ideal man for me is a man who does nor creat problems but knows jow to sort them out. I am not looking for a man who looks like he is from glossy magazine. I want to find a man who may act as a real man.