E    K    A    T    E    R    I    N    A

ID KH-284

AGE  -  31

Zodiac  -  Pisces

Birthday  -  March 5, 1989

Height  -  172 cm (5 ft 8 in)

Weight  -  52 kg (115 lbs)

Hair  -  Dark Brown

Eyes  -  Green

Marital Status  -  Single

Home  -  Kharkiv

Body Type  -  Slim

Seeks Partner  -  Age does not matter.

Children  -  No

Education  -  University

Occupation  -  Teacher of Painting

Language  -  English Level 3 (Has knowledge of basic English)

Religion  -  Russian Orthodox

Smoker  -  No


I am very simple person in fact but I have a sparkle inside that differs me from others. This sparkle is my talent to painting. Every painting of me is like a kid for me. I give those painting I create only to dearest people. Have a little gallery at my place as there I create my masterpieces.

I have my unique style in clothes. I do not like to look ordinary and when you see me in a crowd I will be very much noticeable cause I do not only express myself with the help of clothes but also have an invisible light in my soul that is burning inside of me and that I am ready to open to you…: )


First of all I am very creative and like all creative people I have a huge energy inside, a passion that motivates me to be in the everlasting search of inspiration, in the everlasting movement and self-development. You may think I am not modest))) But I am. I am not picky, very naïve, humane and willing to take care of nature and world.

I search for

My second half may be not creative at all, but he will respect my personality and my tender soul. He will be that guardian I will be protected of from all the hardships. And will be his strength being his weakness at the same time.